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Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Type : Architecture and Interior Design

Year : 2022

Studio Path Team : Thanipath Thanawutimanas

Structural Engineer : DaRat Likitthaveechok

Photography : Napat Pattrayanond


Cosmos café is situated in Sukhumvit 23, among neighboring buildings, trees and electrical wires inherent to Bangkok. We have created an architecture that is intended to blend seamlessly into the surrounding context, whether in creating tertiary spaces between interior or exterior spaces, or in its integration with the local community. Located at the entrance of a small family-operated group of restaurants right off the footpath, the café is designed to welcome pedestrians and street life into this small dining hub consisting of Cosmos, a Thai restaurant Oranuch and a Japanese Izakaya Kosumosu.

Utilizing full-height windows, and a wall-to-ceiling glass façade allows shade and shadow play from the existing Flame tree (Delonix Regia) to create an atmosphere of nature inside the café, while giving an expansive feeling and synthesis with the surrounding area. The collage-like aspect of Bangkok, a ‘managed’ informality or chaotic nature of Bangkok’s infamous electric wires are re-interpreted in the metal rod railings enclosing the rooftop which acts as the main seating area for the café, intentionally playing ‘hide-and-seek’ with what one might consider a nuance of the surrounding urban fabric. The roof itself is shaded by the expansive Flame tree that acts as shelter, enveloping the main communal space.

Inside, a combination of natural materials blend the space to both nature and the street life of this leafy neighborhood. We utilized a large rammed earth wall as the main structure and background for the long travertine coffee counter that serves the entire length of the café. This counter design is intended to be used both as a coffee prep area, as well as the main circulation towards the seating upwards at the rooftop, a playful transition that activates the interior space. Our aim is to create an unassuming architecture, a comfortable atmosphere with natural materials for guests to enjoy coffee in our space as a lively addition to the neighborhood community.

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