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Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Type : Interior Design

Year : 2021

Studio Path Team : Thanipath Thanawutimanas Aurapim Phongsirivech

Photography : Thanut Sakdanaraseth


Shophouse26 is a playful rethinking of a vernacular building typology local to Southeast Asia. Located 2 mins walk away from the BTS Sky train, Shophouse 26 lies within the multi-cultural fabric of Phra Khanong neighborhood.

In keeping with the idea of a playful restoration, we sought to keep some original characters of the shophouse while giving a new twist to certain elements. At the very first site visit, we noticed that the walls of the (originally) divided rooms of each floor had undergone many types of treatments: painted over many times with varying colors, some wall-papered, while others had been plastered. This gave us the inspiration to treat the walls, almost bare it down to its most original layer and hue and left them as so to give each space a unique character. The different color hue and traces left from each wall became almost like an artwork that is unique to each room, each unique Pantone color from the walls lending itself to further instruct graphic and signage for the hotel. In other elements of restoration, such as the narrow stairway and limiting circulation that divided the first-floor café into a narrow space, hence its name Singlelane, we tried to incorporate our enthusiasm for art and photography into the narrow passageways throughout the space; the corridors of each floor becoming a gallery of our own personal collections of artworks.

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